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Pascal Ungerer

His paintings are primarily concerned with spatial cultures in relation to peripherality, social history and geo-politics with an emphasis on place and the built environment. He has a particular interest in obsolete structures on the margins of urban development and in rural hinterlands, as well as areas of post-industrialisation, ecological degradation and rural de-population. 


Throughout his practice he examines in-between spaces that lie at the intersection of the urban and rural. This liminal and interstitial terrain has become a focal point for much of his recent painting. Central to this is an interest in dystopic topographies and places that are devoid of people that often exist in a temporal and finite state of impermanence.


In his painting work he uses different structures, social-histories or topographies as a starting point and amalgamates them into a fictional landscape as a way to reflect upon wider socio-geographic issues. Though his paintings primarily depict imagined landscapes they are also intrinsically linked to the places and stories that inspire them.

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