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Azraa Motala

North West based artist Azraa Motala, a recent graduate from the Chelsea College of Arts and finalist for the Robert Walters Group #UKYoungArtistsAward in partnership with Saatchi Art Gallery exhibiting a full body of work in November 2019 at Prism Contemporary, in her first solo exhibition. Exploring her identity as a young British Asian Muslim women within a contemporary Western space Azraa creates large scale oil paintings seeking to appropriate the image of Eastern Women as depicted from orientalist paintings from the 18th and 19th century . 

“My work seeks to untangle culturally inherited expectations, and the overlapping aspects of my identity as a young British-Asian Muslim woman within the contemporary Western space. I am inherently interested in the way in which women from the diaspora have been represented in both the past and the present day. As women of the diaspora, our identities are constructed from the spaces in between.” 

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